Besides the ongoing coronavirus situations, after plane crash in Karachi, an incident happened at Karachi Stock Exchange, one of the busiest Financial market of Karachi. It’s been reported that at least six people have been killed in an attack on the building in Karachi.

According to local media reported on Monday “Assailants opened fire and hurled a grenade near the entrance, police said, describing the attack which killed a police sub-inspector and two security guards.”

Police have released a statement regarding this attack that “The four gunmen who attacked the exchange building were killed by security forces, adding security forces were conducting a sweep for any remaining attackers.”

This attack was being pushed out around 0500 GMT and the assailants were loaded with the armed automatic rifles.

What a remarkable and hardworking staff the exchange company has that they did not held the trading during the attack, a statement spoken by Chief Executive Furrukh Khan 

Asad Javed, who works at a brokerage in the stock exchange building. “We locked ourselves in our offices. He was on the ground floor when he heard gunfire and an explosion and people scattered for safety, he added.”

A well-known journalist Kamran Yousaf told a magazine that “Clearance operation is underway in the stock exchange building and Pakistani authorities say their timely action has foiled a major terrorist attack there.”

Ghulam Nabi Memon, chief of police in Pakistan’s biggest city and its financial hub said that “The gunmen attacked the building, which is in a high-security zone that also houses the head offices of many private banks, with grenades and guns.”

Initially, the gunmen threw a grenade at security men who was performing his duty outside the stock exchange compound then opened a heavy fire on a security post. The four were exterminated when security forces posted there replied.

In recent few years, Pakistan has faced reduced numbers of terror attacks as the military operations against different crimes held stronger.

A Counter-Terrorism Department official stated that “the attackers were carrying significant quantities of ammunition and grenades in backpacks.”

Even the personnel from the case scene stated their visions too. Rizwan Ahmed, a police official at the scene stated that “after the attack was over, food supplies were found on the bodies of the gunmen, indicating they may have planned a long siege, which the police quickly thwarted.”

A broker inside the stock exchange, Yaqub Memon said that he and his colleagues were clustered together when the attacks was on the fire.

 Shazia Jehan, a police presenter recorded her statement too, and said that “the bomb disposal team was also called to the stock exchange to clear the building of any explosive devices.”