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The era of 21st century is showing its demands with the use of some technical and advanced tactics to manage ad frequencies. Google announced that due to current demand of machine learning (Artificial intelligence) in every field, it will soon be using it to accomplish ad frequency when the third-party cookies are missing.

Google is planning to do this in its own google ads like in video display and other ads displayed on their site.  Google is a game changer whenever the technology needs enhancements. Commonly, restricted third parties don’t give the allowance to analyze that how many times the ad has been gone through from them. And it can lead to a gap between the privacy and the profit generation. Yahoo, Outlook and other search engines are looking into this to bridge this gap so that frequencies of any event ads can be managed. Publishers pay for the ads and it has no major clues either this same ad is published by others or who is watching it and how many times. This gap is continuously increasing due to the demand of digital marketing and every brand wants to market itself by advertising.  

GOOGLE has a SOLUTION to accomplish the ad frequencies for its users when the third-party cookies are restricted:

“Google will make some classifiers (models) on the basis of patterns of traffic when the third party is available; they will analyze by Google ad Manager publishers. Their model will predict the total count of traffic patterns when the third-party isn’t available. It will allow google to estimate the pattern of users who are watching the same ad published by Google Ad Manager. It will optimize the efficiency of their model that how these ads should be shown to their users when cookies are missing. Privacies of users will be considered and will take care of the need of marketer or publisher who wants to advertise their ads.  “

Application of this model will indicate the specific features estimation like privacy of users, no user level information has been shared between the websites. Google claims that it has greater importance to manage ad frequencies of visitors own site by first-party data and it is based on the IP address based consumer level indicators rather than fingerprinting operations.

How it is moving marketing onward? Cookies are oldest technology maybe three decades older and everyone wants to move on to get better insights into modern technology and advancements in the modern era. It’s all about to explore and evaluate the advanced technologies, innovation, and an equilibrium between privacy and revenue generation. It is reducing the consumers hassle. Taking the first party data is a good initiative by Google to engage folks with your brand. It’s a good step for accomplishing this task.