Reuters reviewed that Amazon a world’s larger monopoly is all set to offer higher pay for recruitment of its own warehouse employees to pick and pack Whole food groceries along the increasing demand of workers and their shortage.

This labor sharing and how the e-commerce platform is reallocating all its taskforces towards the handling of online sales of groceries, as millions of Americans are trapped at home due to pandemic COVID-19 outbreak.

Amazon is offering the online grocery services by Amazon Fresh by its own warehouse and the Amazon Prime which delivers from its own Whole Food Stores.

Amazon sent this message to warehouse workers in the Maryland and this was being reviewed by the Reuters stated that “The Prime Now business has seen a mass increase in volume and is now offering labor share opportunities,”

Workers from the other Amazon grocery services have received a similar memoranda including Nevada, California and Tennessee. 

Selected employees can make $19 per hour and $2 raise on the top of the pay slog Amazon has announced in the start of this month. Amazon has fresh positions for the workers who could work in the freezer environment and Prime Now shopper role demands picking and packing up the products for online orders in a Whole Food stock under some hours along the time limits. 

An Amazon Representative told on late Friday by confirming the stroke that “As we continue to see a significant increase in demand for grocery orders, we are offering temporary opportunities for associates across our fulfillment network to provide additional support.”

Amazon has been amplifying down on the grocery industry since its $13.7 billion procurement of Whole Foods in 2017. The major height to their glory was gained by expanding this grocery delivery into 2,000 cities. There is no subscription for Prime Members. Amazon Fresh and Amazon Prime Now aims to deliver within hours.

As this outbreak is trapping in the United States, this grocery services has become a lifeline for the people who need household staples and avoiding to come outside. In the rising demand it has been seen that most of the time items got out of stocj and delivery window unavaialable, but the company is struggling hard to meet the customers demand on time.

It has revealed that hiring of 100,000 full and part-time worker positions across the US will be fulfilled. This became a need for expanding the delivery networks for Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods delivery.

Till now almost this coronavirus has spread to 17 Amazon warehouses in the US. This is questioning the lawmakers and workers to adopt the safety measures and the health of every individual should be on frontlines.

All the online grocery stores having competition for workers to completer the online orders. As Walmart with a fast growing online grocery business plans to hire 150,000 workers at stores, distribution area and the fulfilment center by May.

Bill Bishop, the co-founder of Brick Meets Click stated that “We’re seeing a dramatic increase in the use of online grocery shopping,” I guess Amazon was looking for this time when they have got a ramp climb where the business height could be unimaginably high.