Apple never gets down while introducing something new and innovative in the digital tech world. Recently, Apple’s upcoming “One More Thing” event, announced this morning and scheduled for November 10th, will be a major break with tradition in more ways than one: it will be the first time the company unveils an Apple laptop featuring its own custom Arm-based CPUs.

According to a report “Apple plans to launch three new laptops next week one 13-inch MacBook Air and two different-sized MacBook Pro models (13-inches and 16-inches) that ditch Intel processors.”

The company is expecting a high Return on Investment (ROI) as the company confirmed after years of swirling rumors back at WWDC this past summer. People were eagerly waiting for this new invention made by the company itself.

According to Gurman, a redesigned iMac, a new Mac mini, and a half-sized Mac Pro, all powered by Apple chip architecture, are also in the works.

Authorities and officials have confirmed that this event is going to happen very soon. Tim Cook, Apple Chief Executive Officer stated that “the transition to fully supporting its lineup with the custom chipset would take about two years. That gives us a rough timeline of when we might see other computers outside the MacBook line get updated with Arm variants.”

Apple is all busy creating Beta testing that how this will affect the software environment and letting developers create and run software on a Mac powered by an iPad Pro processor.

The core functions of these Arm-based Macs are to facilitate in many ways such as; the ability to run iOS software designed for the iPhone and iPad on Mac computers — will also be enabled by the upcoming macOS Big Sur update, which will bring iOS, iPad, and macOS closer together than ever before happened.

It is expecting to be giving final release next week with some other new MacBook devices respectively. Are you that excited to use these processors as we are?