On Monday, Apple revealed an updated version of its MacBook Pro with some advanced and modified keyboard as the laptop line had faced a huge criticism for typing issues while accumulating storage and improving the performance bustle.

Tom Boger, Apple’s senior director of Mac and iPad Product Marketing stated that “We are adding the new Magic Keyboard, doubling the standard storage, and boosting performance, making the 13-inch MacBook Pro an even better value for our customer.”

He added that ““With these updates, our entire notebook lineup features the Magic Keyboard for the best typing experience ever on a Mac notebook, offers twice the standard storage than before, and delivers even more performance.”

Apple revealed that this MacBook Pro along pricing of $1,199 for the education-engrossed prototype-was operational.

MacBooks accomplish for the total 9% company’s major and total profits.

Meanwhile this new keyboard contains the “scissor” mechanistic which majorly found in the industry area.

By discarding the butterfly keyboards, the IPhone maker swapped back to its appliance after it received complaints about tacky, keystrokes and impassive keys that failed to chronicle when the debris or dust accumulated in, under or near the keys.

Furthermore, this updated version will give the storage to the double starting at 256GB all the way even up to 1TB. So, their customers can store and archive more photos, videos and necessary documents or files whenever they can.

“The new MacBook Pro will be available in select stores later this week,” said by the company. Apple is all set to deliver the most updated and advanced version of the laptop keyboard line once again. Their contributions in the field of innovations are highly regarded.