We have many gaming apps on the Google play store. When you open the app, in the first tab, you will find our gaming apps.

If you are searching for top games for your mobile, this post is for you. Let’s look at some of the top games you will find in the Google play store app.

 Alto Odyssey

Alto Odyssey is a free android gaming game. The app features a relaxing style and gorgeous graphics. The players will skive down a hill as they avoid various obstacles while making huge jumps. We have items that players will collect and are supposed to be exchanged for different features. The game is highly dependent on the graphics that make it more appealing to the player.

Angry Birds

The game has become so popular that everyone is well aware of it. The game involves shooting angry birds at the evil pigs.

Candy Crush Friend’s Saga

The candy Crush Friends Saga was designed for the mobile android system. It involves swiping and matching the candies to proceed to the next level. The game has endless levels and is so interesting to pass the time on your leisure hours.

Color Road

Color Road is a straightforward game. The player is supposed to roll a ball as you collect the ball of the same color while at the same time avoiding those with different colors. But the game gets complex as you climb up the levels.

Final Verdict

In our article, we have discussed some of the best mobile gaming apps. It is time to kill the boredom and enjoy playing these exciting games. For more informative Articles, keep visiting us.