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 Best Online Social Media Marketing Tools

Managing a brand or company’s social media account may be hectic at times: as the manager, you have to monitor the mentions of your brand, trend, launch ads, and create posts. Also, it is essential to note it is your duty to communicate with the community and answer the frequently asked questions. So it would be helpful for you to know about the best social media marketing tools.

But with modern technology, it is possible to optimize most of these steps. Our article has compiled some of the approved social media marketing tools or top SMM tools that will reduce your workload at no cost.

If you are willing to understand some of these best online social media marketing tools or top SMM tools, continue reading:

  • Buffer

It is one of the most sorts after software in the world used in scheduling social media posts for three leading social media platforms viz:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook

The tool helps manage multiple social media platforms at a go and schedule different content from the web fast.

  • Hootsuite

The software was started in 2008 and was, and the development was for publishing purposes on social media.

The following are the fundamental roles of this social media tool

  • Scheduling tweets
  • Streamlining of the posts
  • Sending of emails from a single or multiple platforms
  • Getting free reports via the email
  • Facebook Power Editor

The software is Facebook inbuilt, and it is ideal for a person running multiple Facebook Ads Campaigns. Its use is to generate a target audience as well as create images for your Ads campaign.


In our article, we have compiled some of the top social media marketing tools available. So it is up to you as the user to choose one that suits your needs. For more blogs, keep visiting us.