The emergence along high epidemics of this air-born disease caused by a novel corona virus (COVID-19) challenges to the Global public health dynamics, medical research communities, World health organization. Globally, WHO became more serious and concerned to this respiratory illness which implies that set of measures for the recovery should be taken. In the aspect to spread of this disease Italy, Korea, China, US(Seattle) Iran, Spain are presenting high density rates of cases. And currently its outbreak has been seen in Pakistan as well.

Till the date 184 cases have been reported and two have been cured. Different official health departments and organizations has declared this viral disease a pandemic. Pakistan has population of 200 million and it’s continuously multiplying the disease dynamics day-by-day.

Health Minister Zafar Mirza has confirmed that cases of COVID-19 are majorly related to the dynamic outbreaks in countries like China, Iran, Syria. Different diagnostic measures is being trying for the  recovery to this disease.

Its outbreak has been considered while looking into a view that this viral illness is transmitted through contact maybe. It is confirmed that patients have arrived from London, Dubai are giving the major positive COVID-19 cases. Different officials have revealed that almost 110 cases are totally linked to the Iran, Syria who just traveled to Sindh, the corporate and economical hub of Pakistan.

An official advisory to the chief minister Murtaza Wahab announced that there is a need to do some countermeasures for the prevention of this pandemic disease. He revealed that Pakistan Super League (PSL), a current national cricket matches will be held in Karachi without any audience in a Cricket Stadium, so that spread of the virus could be controlled. All the education sectors in Sindh have been closed till the date.

All the wedding halls are banned. No weddings will be held in halls from tomorrow till next two weeks. All the conferences, events and cinemas have been banned to avoid social gatherings.

Shutting down the borders of Pakistan

Pakistan is all on its way to control the rate of the spread of this disease. Borders have been closed with neighboring countries like Syria, Iran and China. These countries have announced their official reports in perspective to the cases of COVID-19 positive: Iran has 429 cases along surpass ratio of 10,00.

All the air links and other corporate matters along or outside borders have been seized. China is being considered as an epicenter to this pandemic disease. China has shown the first case of COVID-19 in December 2019.

Islamabad and Karachi has shut down the borders with neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Dubai, China and Italy. This country gave seven cases, a major certain outbreak link to Iranian cases.

In Last week, Punjab, the most populous Pakistan province has declared an emergency across the regions and neighboring provinces. One case has been reported in this province on 13 March 2020 in Lahore. The outbreak to this disease needs an improvised medical recovery. The keyword to prevent Coronavirus is “Social distancing”.