Coronavirus, a global pandemic is giving the high mortality rate worldwide. This virus has been effected many countries. But the strength to the nation comes around when we begin to fight against any threatening situation outbreak.

A heart wrenching news came over this Sunday that a young doctor from Gilgit Baltistan sacrificed his life while treating the patients came from Iran via Taftan. Dr. Usama Riaz is the first martyr of war against Coronavirus in Pakistan.

Dr. Usama Riaz, who comes from Chilas of Diamer, Gilgit Baltistan, was a practicing doctor posted on border. Along his staff members, he was being accountable for the screening process of the people coming from Iran.

Taftan, an Iranian border has raised many positive COVID-19 cases and hailed threatening circumstances for the Pakistan. Dr. Usama fell ill on Friday and was being admitted to District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) for further process of treatment. However, the fate was decided and Dr. Usama could not fight against the COVID-19. On Sunday night he was declared dead. Pakistani people will remember the sacrifice of this young doctor and he will remain in their hearts as well.

“Dr. Usama should be awarded as a national hero for his sacrifice and bravery while fighting against Coronavirus”

The office bearers of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) claims that Dr. Usama could be saved if they get more help from the government.

Is this a blame game going on regarding Dr. Usama Riaz’s death?

The medical association has a statement that Dr. Usama could be saved if they were provided with PCR (polymerase chain reaction) Kits. In my view if something happened which shouldn’t be.  We should work as a nation rather than playing a blame game. We can’t decide anyone fate but we can work as a unit to deteriorate this pandemic.

Moreover, the new case ratios of COVID-19 in GB is 16 and collectively it is 71 and government is expecting that many more pilgrims are planning to come Pakistan via this border.

Again in my opinion, government should not allow other people to come till a month or so on. They have infected the entire country and we are in the list of countries having high coronavirus patients. In reports it is saying that Pakistan is on 4th or in other officials it is saying that Pakistan got 6th position carrying coronavirus.

The discussion to lock down the country is in process and I guess this is the most profitable way out to this alarming situation. Sakkhur has been lock down for three days and grocery, medical stores will remain open. In this scenario people need to follow the precautionary measures so that this virus could be controlled.

But remember one thing, the first lockdown has been done in China, it is the country having world’s largest economy scale. And as developing country it is the need to act as a unit so the proceedings could come out in a good way.

On Sunday night, a religious scholar Dr. Molana Tariq Jamel made a prayer regarding the spread of coronavirus. He mentioned how we are far from the GOD and how much it is needed to being close with GOD. Although he is right, we might need improvements in our lives according to the Islam.

Usama Riaz, as a national hero will remain in our lives and hearts and nation will never forget his sacrifice ever. May his soul rest in peace Ameen.