Many social media platforms are up for their contribution in regard to coronavirus. On this Monday, Facebook in SAN FRANSISCO makes an announcement that they need developers worldwide to make its messenger a helpful service for different health organizations so that a fight against this novel coronavirus could be done.

This social network has invited many software platforms for collaboration in an online “hackathon”. Messenger Vice president Stan Chudnovsky states that This strategy is going to make the Messenger a useful way to create an awareness about social distancing and to deliver an accurate information regarding this pandemic outbreak.

A connection between government level health organization, United nation agencies with software developer communities, so that a way would be created to spread an accurate statistics and information relative to this coronavirus. Majorly the queries of public would be answered based upon truthful information.

These software makers would be able enough to help these health agencies automate while answering the common questions of public. More challenging tasks related to automated medical department is needed though.

Developers can also help the major health organizations to update their database and how software could be updated with the distributive information.

According to Facebook messaging platform it has been claimed that UNICEF and Pakistan ‘s Ministry of National health have been used this way to spread the public awareness messages related to this COVID-19.

Similarly, Facebook-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp has recently launched a section/Hub concerned with information about coronavirus. This section is linked with World Health Organization and United Nations for the awareness of this deadly virus. This will act like a hub, daily base stats and information related to COVID-19 will be stored in it.

This service has been launched in English and planned to be executed in Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian language in coming weeks. WhatsApp claims that more than one billion users issued a grant of $1 million at International Fact Checking Network alliance dedicated to broadcasting on coronavirus rumors dissemination on messaging services.

We think the most important step WhatsApp can take is to help connect people directly with public health officials providing crucial updates about coronavirus”, Spokesman Carl Woog said to AFP.

Major concerns have been raised about the widely used social platforms like WhatsApp and other messaging services being helpful in providing the accurate information about this COVID-19.

To avoid any spam tricks and tactics, WhatsApp prevents its users to from blasting of messages no more than 5 at once, which is the best way to notify about the rumors. If these messages do not come directly from the friends or family, it will label the chain messages names as spam tactics.

In my opinion, there is a need of hour to think from social media platforms to at individual level to think and re-think about the precautionary measures. This is the time being as a unit. This deadly virus symptoms, treatments are validating by health organizations daily, try to follow them and avoid spamming of rumors. It will reduce the panic in public. Initiatives by such social media platforms are highly appreciated.