Facebook always puts things in an innovative trend. The same is the case with the recent trend, they have followed. Recently, just a few weeks after Facebook removed a huge “Stop the Steal” group for spreading election disinformation; others have sprung up in its place and appear to be continuing the push to delegitimize the US presidential election.

As Facebook already has reported discriminatory ads from their database and that was a huge punch on the ground. 

It’s being discovered that two large groups with a total of more than 100,000 members sharing disinformation that the election was “stolen” by Democrats.

On Friday morning, hundreds of Stop the Steal groups some private, some public, some hyperlocal were alive and well on Facebook. 

As many of the groups were new and had a few hundred members each with varying size. Among one of those private groups had more than 46,000 members and entitled “Keeping America Great!” had more than 265,000 members respectively.

The stop the steal movement claim backed by prominent conventional figures and organizations, supports President Trump’s false claims of election ropes by democrats.

Initially in the start of this month, Facebook has continuously removed a 300,000 member stop the steal group that was managing some rallies and fundraising to accomplish the results of the 3rd November presidential election by saying “the group was organized around the de-legitimization of the election process, and we saw worrying calls for violence from members of the group.”

As they have been moved out from Facebook they started their own campaigns on other platforms like Parler and Discord respectively.

Even though, Facebook didn’t respond to a request for any comment has been done on Friday.

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