Despite the COVID-19, many companies are collaborating with each other to attain a joint venture. The same as the case with educational platforms at the national level are collaborating with the international education media.

Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and Microsoft will now be providing students a Certification from Home Platform for Microsoft Certifications. A report has been revealed that an agreement was signed between HEC and Microsoft to provide certifications with no cost to the first 2,000 students who will register and apply to this phenomenal opportunity.

This initiative will take around both of the departments to a great edge. It will act as a strong stone bridge to reduce the gap between technology, employment, and education. This will include the polishing of od technical skills among students amid the pandemic.

HEC and Microsoft are working from the past decade to enhance the use of technology in underdeveloped countries. Such initiatives are being designed to polish the technical skills of students and give them a chance to showcase themselves at the global level by participating in different international competitions.

Under this strategic partnership, a certification platform has been launched to provide students with a prescribed curriculum roadmap, a kind of a blueprint for technical skill development, and certification. Specific areas of study include Productivity, Computer Science, Data Science, and IT Infrastructure.

This joint venture partnership will cover all the public and private sector universities across the country to build the capacity and scalability among students and to showcase their potential.

The offered certifications of MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) strives to deliver useful credentials for individuals seeking to validate and improve their skills in the upcoming era.

The exams covered include all the productivity tools under Office 365, but also cover tech-focused certification paths, such as Cloud Fundamental courses covering Azure Fundamentals, Dynamics 365 Fundamentals and Microsoft 365 Fundamentals.

In COVID-19, many students have a view that they are having plenty of time while sitting at home so they can easily learn and understand the technical terms.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 Graphic for (U.S. Air Force Graphic by Rosario “Charo” Gutierrez)

Students who register for certification would get a free certification offer on their choice of available MOS or MTA offerings.  Students are free to select their technology domain and will be able to learn in-depth video tutorials in their own comforting place.

Mentioning on the relationship between HEC and Microsoft, HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri said, “Digital transformation has been at the forefront of every industry in the last few years, and education is no different. Working with Microsoft, HEC has been able to

bring in a set of tools and technology offerings that can help establish a technology-rich culture in higher education. Enabling students to acquire more advanced skills not only helps them in their careers, but it also strengthens the technical potential of the Pakistani industry as well as academia.”

Country Education Lead Microsoft-Pakistan Mr. Jibran Jamshad said “Today’s workplace requires adaptability to frequent technology changes and problem-solving strategies. The variety of skills you can learn in the Microsoft Certification Program allows you to display your flexibility to current and prospective employers. These credentials demonstrate that you can use a variety of strategies to solve problems and resolve the concerns of consumers as well as stakeholders more effectively”.

Azure is known as the cloud platform of choice for multiple universities across the country, being used for backup and catastrophe recovery strategies, to host universities’ web services, and as a driver for a Universities Cyber Security strategy using tools such as Azure Security Center and Sentinel, the Cloud-native SIEM of Microsoft.

Such initiatives are best so far when the whole world is undergoing lockdown and showing no progress while sitting at home. Why to sit idle in the home when we can learn and polish our technical skills while sitting at home. In the general opinion for students, grab this opportunity at your first, the results of such courses and certification will be prominent as this pandemic will be ended.