Years back, it was okay to physically greet and hug each other. People did not care much about consulting the history of where someone has been. Unfortunately, today it’s necessary to know this and take precautions when meeting others. Now people keep one meter apart and even put on masks. It’s not easy even to identify each other. 

The medical fraternity is showing concern over people not putting their face masks on correctly. During the pandemic, many people try to impart advice as though they are a doctor, but it is crucial to follow official guidance on how to properly wear a face mask.

Step One: Wash Your Hands

Experts recommend thoroughly washing your hands before putting on a face mask. This is because there is a risk of infection if your hands have touched contaminated surfaces. 

Step Two: Hold The Mask By The Ties

After washing your hands, you should hold your face masks using the ties attached to it. That is to prevent contaminating the area which goes on your face.

Step Three: Cover Your Nose, Mouth, And Chin

While holding the mask by the ties, without touching the mask’s inner region, let the face mask cover the nose, mouth, and chin. The ears will do the mask-holding job, lest it falls off.

Step Four: Ensure Comfortability

Position the face mask in a way that there’s room for talking and breathing without any struggle. That way, there will be no suffocation when the body cannot handle too much carbon dioxide and less oxygen.