On Wednesday, The International Cricket Council (ICC) has been agreed to predict and explore the multiple possibilities regarding the plans of upcoming ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2020 and the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2020 until next month. The process of performing an executable plan with all safety and health measures is under the discussion.

Meanwhile, the Board claims that they are desiring to continue to evaluate the sudden and rapid changings in public health circumstances mainly caused by ongoing pandemic COVID-19. Board expressed that they are working hard with key stakeholders, government and other sponsors too indicate and explore the best aspects so the event could be conducted and staged perfectly as before. No matter what sort of events 2020 was containing but the pandemic will ask you to stay safe and stay healthy at front.

According to an update a statement was revealed that the concern relative to health either fans, cricketers, host considerations or staff would be at the first priority. Any decision would totally rely on the pandemic stances so the health and safety could be at frontline.

Manu Sawhney, ICC Chief Executive alleged: “The situation surrounding the global pandemic is evolving rapidly and we want to give ourselves the best possible opportunity to make the right decision for the whole sport. The health and well-being of everyone involved is our priority and other considerations fall out from that. We will only get one chance to make this decision and it needs to be the right one and as such we will continue to consult with our Members, broadcasters, partners, governments and players and to ensure that we make a well informed decision.”

Tax Exclusion:

 The Board has discussed an issue relative to tax absolution needed for ICC events and decided to prolong the deadline given to BCCI to offer a tax elucidation to December 2020. 

Autonomous Inquiry:

An update for the autonomous investigation has been received by the Board to keep the matters confidential. This investigation has been led by the ICC Board Ethics officer and additionally it will be supported by a stand in group of Board including Independent Director Indra Nooyi and Chair of the F&CA Ehsan Mani in view of administration management. Members of ICC management and Board are holding this inquiry.

What the plans we had made in 2019 for 2020, this pandemic has changed them from the base. The matter of fact and need of the hour is to keep the health and safety measures at number one. Besides, if we will follow precautions, probably we are on the wat to deteriorate the presence and effects of this minuscule deadly virus.