Passport is referred to as the most prestigious identity of the country resident. And every year the rankings to real-time passport is carried out. The Passport Index, the world’s leading real-time passport ranking tool, has ranked Pakistani passport at 192nd spot in the Individual Passport Power Ranking (IPPR) 2020.

This ranking has played a significant role in the improvement this year as it jumped the rank position 6 places from 198th position for 2019 year.

IPPR is collected by combining both the Mobility Score (MS), he number of countries one can visit without a visa, or they can obtain a visa on arrival, and United Nations Development Program’s Human Development Index (UNDP HDI).

In short, the higher the MS, the better chances to get the better IPPR. If the passport has the same MS, then UNDP HDI serves in this regard to compare their rankings based on different orders.

Pakistani passport has a MS of 33 as its bearers enjoy the facility of visa-free access to 7 and visa on arrival in 26 countries.

The top 10 passports in IPPR 2020 are following

Here are bottom 10 passports on IPPR 2020 and the details are listed in the following;

However, such rankings can play an important role when countries are trying their best to get on with the financial crisis. Countries can present their recreational and creational activities so the tourism ratio could reach higher and better chances of good economical revenues could be generating able.

Such sort of global rankings helps the countries to come up in the good records and attain most out of such rankings. Countries should re-visit and analyze their schemes regarding visa authorities so the main loopholes can be identified.