Imran Khan, one of the most promising Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the global community including economists and developed countries should set aside the debt of countries like Pakistan. According to his statement as the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 has slow down the economies of many countries. So a dismiss of all the debts should be taken.

As an official report from Monday stock exchange, Pakistan has lost 2,300 points (-6.59%)- a break down with heavy effect on economy was considered. Closing of KSE-100 index was being done at 33,684.9 points, this was previously seen in October 2019. A record breaking decline was observed than 17% till the year has been started.

In this interview PM said that COVID-19 has badly affected the roots of many countries and the conditions of our health facilities will not be able to fight against this deadly virus. He was doing this interview with Associated Press. “It’s not just Pakistan, I would imagine the same in India, in the subcontinent, in the African countries.”

“The world community has to think of some sort of a debt write off for countries like us which are very vulnerable. At least that will help us in coping with it.” PM Imran khan said.

Countries like Pakistan are having major hunger and poverty fears in link to this pandemic virus as Pakistan is not having the resources to fight against these type of medical outbreaks.

The count to the Pakistan COVID-19 cases have been risen to 183. One hundred and fifty in Sindh, Thirty from Karachi, One is from Hyderabad, and the major outbreak were seen from the people who returned back from Iran through Taftan. “I actually fear for what is happening in Iran too because the sanctions have already you know impoverished Iran on top of it, this virus,” he said.

PM Believes that the economic supports should be uplifted as Iran as a country “in a terrible state right now.”