Tokyo Olympics are directed for the first time being postponed since the era of modern games began with respect to international Olympics in 19th century. National teams draw out themselves and looking at conditions Japan’s leader made an announcement a delay maybe occurred to unavoidable circumstances due to pandemic coronavirus.

According to the Dick Pound, an international Olympic Committee member, revealed that postponement to this July-August event has been delayed earlier. But announcement has made later. The largest international Olympics are on their way to stop. This deadly virus played a crucial role in economic state to unit level activities. 

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told the parliament on Monday that this decision will be made by concerning the safety of audience, spectators and majorly athletes due to this pandemic. Their safety can’t be on risk and guaranteed if the circumstances remains same. After some weeks, Abe changed his tone to mention indirectly that if the all games cannot be held in a fully safe environment then the best solution is to postpone this mega event. He added that cancellation to this mega event was not a choice or an option and he wanted an IOC decision to be made earlier on as possible conditions.

History got a challenge?

In 1944, Olympics got cancelled due to the World War -2, and after that games have never been delayed until and unless IOC made a statement related to the delay. This IOC was being established in 1894. The games of 1940, first postponed then got cancelled because the circumstances were not in control.

 Many countries have made a statement that Olympics should call again till 2021. It would heavily cause an economical breakdown worldwide but would be less painful than sponsors, host of this event, broadcasters, and majorly investors who have been invested a billion-dollar amount in this mega international sports event.

In a Japan’s famous magazine Sankei made a statement that organizers are keenly looking forward in a delay of year or maybe less, in order to avoid any clash with the another coming Olympics named as “Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

In my opinion situation needs to be controlled as if the events get cancelled like this, world is going to face a deadly nightmare. This nightmare will not only affect the national economy but the heavy decline in global market.

We can hope best for re-initiation of such international events on as soon as possible things.