Microsoft has introduced multiple facilities to its consumers and try their best to implicate new innovations to the digital technology world.

A piece of news was on the flags that Microsoft is going to end Internet Explorer support incoming year, 2021. IE has been called dead and Microsoft the 25-year-old browser will disappear from the web on August 17, 2021.

This news was shared in a blog post by Microsoft itself and stated that “Microsoft Teams web app will no longer support Internet Explorer 11, the latest version, beginning November 30, 2020.”

It’s been rumored that in the upcoming summer, MS 365 and the remaining applications will be directed to the new browser for connection.

The users who have data on IE will be going to face the dead degraded experience but this case will not remain the same for the sites who specifically use inbuilt business platforms for IE.

Microsoft has launched its Edge browser five years ago so it was expected to see this news very soon from the tech giant.

In 2015, Microsoft had established that it aims to drib the Internet Explorer brand and transfer to the new Edge, which at the time was alias Project Spartan respectively.

It’s was also reported that the company is planning to keep both of the browsers but now they have decided to bid a farewell to this 25-year old browser.

Microsoft said in Monday’s blog post that “Customers have been using Internet Explorer (IE 11) since 2013 when the online environment was much less sophisticated than the landscape today. Since then, open web standards and newer browsers — like the new Microsoft Edge — have enabled better, more innovative online experiences.”

The company has planned to give access to its private IE 11 application and will implicate its functionality as normal as it was before.  Because many business platforms don’t want to jump their new browser and most probably they would be all set to pay extra if the company asks for.

IE was a time boss and it was one of the most widely used web browsers, accomplishing a peak of about 95 percent during 2002 and 2003.

But the game changed when Google chrome topped upon the IE as the friendliest user browser worldwide.

Although the company takes such decisions due to no impacts on the rating even they have upgraded their version. So, consumers will seek many new functionalities in this Microsoft edge.