Nokia develop, what you choose to build. HMD believes that advancements in technology is the most needed thing every person will want to use. In this regard, HMD an independent company aims to develop the devices who are flashy, unique along accurate performance and security measures.

HMD Global, the home of Nokia Phones is all set to launch their product in London, United Kingdom on coming March 19, 2020.

Global market is all set to move the trend towards the 5th Generation mobile phones. These phones use the wireless technology for digital cellular systems and it’s began widely in 2019. The bands of 5G has been divided into three frequency spectrum which includes millimeter waves, mid-band and low-band. Low band frequency just works as same as 4G. Variation comes on millimeter waves which is fastest and contains 1-2Gbits/seconds down. Its frequency can reach the level from 24GHz to 72GHz respectively.

5G mid-band is widely positioned in more than 20 countries. Speed frequency ranges from 2.4GHz-4.2GHz. Many china mobiles are using 2.5GHz speed frequency. The other countries are also using the speed ranges from 3.3GHz and 4.2 GHz relatively. It is still thinking that many areas will be covered by the up gradation of existing towers and speed frequencies.

 HMD Global claims that the 5G Nokia phone will contain Snapdragon 765 chipset in Q1 2020. Majorly Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi and Motorola like brands have announced that they will make a mark to unveil the 5G phones very soon.

 The major highlights to this launch is that Nokia 1.3 & 5.3 phone is to be expected as an entry level phone and Nokia 8.2 as the most advanced global’s first 5G phone. HMD Global claims that this 5G mobile phone will be launched in the event at United Kingdom.

The Nokia model 8.2 as a 5G phone can be considered as a mid-range hands-on utility and Nokia 5.3 is the new variant to Nokia 5.1. It is saying that this device will cover the 4000 videos in ultra-high display imaging camera. So it can be suggesting that we hope to expect while having a triple-camera unit on this upcoming Snapdragon Nokia phone. Furthermore, HMD Global claims that it will serve the whole-day battery life for a better user experience. 

This launch will be all open to United Kingdom media as due to the restrictions on travel because of Global emergency is outreaching of Pandemic Coronavirus.

But there is no need to worried about as this phenomenal event will be held by live-broadcasting and we will up-to-date you the advanced trends in HMD global which will officially be launched. This live streaming will go at their YouTube channel as well. So, there is a link below for official invite to this live streaming on 19 March, 2020 at 4:30PM GMT (10:00PM IST) and 9:30PM PST (Pakistan Standard Time). Link for live stream: