UK’s National Health Service (NHSx) revealed a launch of £500,000 funding for the competition among innovators and startups who might be helpful to people for finding the digital solutions in this coronavirus pandemic outbreak. This fund has a major focus towards tech industries who are helping people in automated medical perspective and social care needs for the nations who has badly affected and bearing the consequences of this deadly viral disease globally.

A program, Dubbed Techforce19 has been launched by NHSx, and managing will be done by GovTech endeavor firm PUBLIC. According to their statement there will be no payment regarding competition running.

Registration and application closing date is 1st April 2020 at 12pm.Projects selection will be announced on 3rd April. £25,000 funding will be provided to each company for investigating digital solutions that could be deployed at the large scale in upcoming weeks. It includes:

Remote based social care assistance- like by targeting the qualified persons and matching them relative to the query for who needs care and assistance in homes.

Care Voluntarily Optimization-for example development of such tools who could recruit and train the persona locally regarding clinical and non-clinical stuff. Maybe the development of such tools who could predict the demand of health care with respect to managerial tasks all over the country.

Mental Health improvement-invention and delivery of the mental health services

And any other circumstances coming around in this difficult time all over the globe.

Secretary for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock stated that;

“Staying at home and avoiding contact with others will be absolutely necessary in reducing the spread of this virus and ultimately it will save lives. However, we know isolation is not easy – especially for older people, those who live alone, have mental health problems or those who care for others. If people cannot leave the house, we need to quickly find ways to bring support to them and today I am calling on the strength of our innovative technology sector to take on this challenge.”

Chief Executive of NHSx, Matthew Gould said that;

“Tech can play an important role in helping the country deal with the challenges created by coronavirus.  This competition is focused on the problems created by isolation, which lend themselves to digital solutions.   It will allow NHSX to accelerate the development of those solutions, so within weeks they can help those in isolation suffering from loneliness, mental health issues and other problems.”

The government of UK has announced special instruction charter for the people aged 70 or above and woman who are pregnant to adopt the keyword of “Social Distancing”, this would be much effective in the reduction of spared by this coronavirus. Staying at home is making you safe. Even a statement is released about cancer patients-who have been asked to stay at home like for 12 weeks.