Ongoing United States elections are sneaking down many internet platforms. Due to the unpredicted results, people are eagerly waiting for the results. And in that period of uncertainty, there are fears of civil unrest.

Both sides could claim victory, and misinformation about the result could be rampant. The main concern is to fear the fake news, aggression, and hate speech against the opposition party may cause extended tension and rush.

The need for an hour to understand is that did big tech have planned something great for the better use of their platforms these days.

The nuclear option would be to close down their apps for a period of time.

This is what we know social media companies intend to do to prevent that from happening.


Facebook has designed news feed algorithms to suppress viral posts that propagate violence or fake news. They have also teamed up with Reuters to supply accurate election results on the night and in the days after the election. Facebook has used these tactics in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.


Twitter is showing some extra sensitive pledges towards this election. Twitter says;

“after election day candidates will not be permitted to claim they have won the election before a declared result.”

Twitter claims candidates are not allowed to tweet or retweet content that encourages interference with the election process.

Twitter further added that it will directly inform people to resources with accurate, up-to-date information about the election status.

Google and YouTube:

Google has a strong collaboration with the Associated Press (AP)— to provide authoritative election results.

If you search 2020 election terms like Who will win? Google has also said it will pause ads referring to the 2020 election, the candidates or its outcome after election day.

Google has also said it will pause ads referring to the 2020 election, the candidates, or its outcome after election day.

Google claims to ban referring ads that included 2020 election terms.

YouTube utters it will not permit “misleading claims about voting or content that encourages interference in the democratic process”.

Furthermore, it will remove content falsely claiming that mail-in ballots have been manipulated to change the results of an election.


One of the leading entertainment application, claims that “it is working with independent fact-checkers during the election period.

It claims, to remove misinformation related to the 2020 election – including the vote itself.

TikTok said that “In these momentous times, we’re intent on supporting our community as we work to maintain the integrity of our platform.”

On a lighter note, all these efforts are happening just to avoid a rush and negate the boom on the internet media.