We have thousands of plugins readily available for WordPress users. The number is countless to differentiate the overhyped and those that make a difference. Some have solutions for specific niches.

In our article, the ones we will tackle are the must-have plugins and what makes each one of them stand out among the rest.

Yoast SEO

It is the most famous among WordPress users, and that is the reason we have it as the top must-have WordPress plugin. It is good in improving the SEO ranking and helps the user enhance the content readability. Most of the users will have the plugin scan through the article, and the easier it is, the more it is easy to grab their attention.

We have the basic version free to use and a premium one for some additional features.


We have plenty of websites being hacked every day. When we put that information into consideration, 30% of the sites being hacked are from WordPress. Simple errors can hinder your WordPress site from functioning.

You can use this plugin to backup data that may be lost in case of these errors.

It can also restore the WordPress site to the original state after an error.


Images will take almost half of the site size. So it is essential to optimize the images to create an excellent loading speed for your page.

Optimale will take every image you plan on uploading to your page and compress it to the correct size so it won’t take much of your size.


Currently, we have over 5 million downloads and installs of the plugin. The plugin enables you to craft designs for your page that are per your website theme.


It is an exciting plugin whose function is to create attractive forms. The plugin has extra features and is very easy to use, even to new WordPress users.

Final Verdict

In our article, we have dug into some of the must-have plugins for your WordPress website. It is now up to you as the reader to go through and choose which suits you. For more informative Articles, Visit Webhiggs.