We all know the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus, as the death rate is increasing gradually globally. And there is a need of hour to think or make a proper countermeasure to this deadly virus. This novel virus has shaken the roots of many developed and underdeveloped countries. Different countries have tried many treatments to the coronavirus patients. But as an epicenter China has successfully somehow become able to diagnose the coronavirus patients.

If we have a view of this pandemic outbreak in countries like Canada, having strong economy and development status have been rolled out for a COVID-19 treatment at the Montreal Jewish Hospital with this hope there might be a recovery solution when the quarantine or isolation will be ended.

Chloroquine, a pharmaceutical compound or drug was being introduced mainly for the treatment of Malaria in 1934. And by the view of symptoms and conditions it has been ventured to treat the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.

Many health organizations are trying to find a speculated way that could prevent and treat the COVID-19.

In an American White House press conference, Donald Trump, The President of United States have been claimed that Chloroquine was tracked by the FDA-Foreign Drug Authority and we believe that this drug might be helpful as an immediate recovery and prevention to Coronavirus.

In this regard, the giant of pharmaceuticals announced that if this drug goes well, then we aim to donate millions of units of Chloroquine to the infected countries in prevention and treatment to this disease.

Chloroquine is majorly a pharmaceutical industry invention was being tested on 18 months’ trial period and had been cited by the Gilead Science’s vaccine, remdesivir.

In many reports and other major health platforms have revealed that countries like China, India and South Korea have used this significant Chloroquine in the prevention and cure to the COVID-19.

Blood sample with respiratory coronavirus positive

In the early March 2020, New York post ran out an article about a patient history of a Chinese-American who got Positive test of COVID-19 and his family contacted the doctors in Wuhan and they advised the American medical specialists to use this drug for the treatment. 

A country like Italy who is calling as a name of RedBed and HotBed of Coronavirus globally have not been used this drug as a countermeasure to coronavirus and on the serious note it has been experiencing an extreme a high mortality rate in the world.

Today, 21st March 2020, The president of U.S Donald Trump make a declaration that, Belgium is the cutting-edge country who add chloroquine to its suggested drug list for the treatment of coronavirus and those who might got suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19.

In the view to all the above mentioned facts and figures, till this drug is nit being justified or validate by the World Health Organization (WHO). If it claims the results of this drug, then we could probably be more confident regarding this drug activity in the diagnosis of the COVID-19.