The world is changing its trend towards the automation industry. The designs of Toyota are quite bold along fine sharp lines, tacky bodies, phenomenal creases and perfectly designed head and tail lights. The best examples are Corolla, CH-RS etc. The styling of Yaris has major goals towards body features, interior/exterior and it is quite comparable to other models of Toyota.

Yaris is all set to called as a best traveling luxury along Practical use functionalities.

The design elements are quite different as it contains horizontal air-intake aperture and vertical fog lamp casings is the main recipe to this utility.

The bonnet contains bold creases along the bulging cut on the door as well. Excessive projections at the front view of Yaris make its look elegant and an eye catching. And a 15-inch wheels seems to be appear stunted due to up-lifting drive height of PKDM for improvised ground approvals.


The ceiling of the Yaris has a curvy wavy design format; Toyota justifies that this function will add the rigidity to the exterior structure along increased driving dynamics. It will make this car easier to use along the luxurious comfort. This has raised bumper along fraught tail lamps. It has a view as a miniature of Camry, a latest car model.

Here comes the pedestrian structure, function along the unique design. Fact is that this car along third generation model is not new to global market. This is not new but we can expect this 2013 model with revised edition in 2017 will be expected to see here soon in Pakistan.


Beige and tan color inside makes it a flashy look. The lop-sided dashboard looks fancy with matte silver highlights. This model does not have any soft plastics to call of and the materials being used is quite hard, flashy, shiny, and scratchy as well. Both dashboard and steering have a leather appearance. The interior instrument contains dials along large fonts which are easy to read and understand. It contains absolute amount of reflection in the day time and makes it readable.

Wide seats along spacious accommodation type with 1470mm collective front and rear legroom. 980mm and 900mm front and rear headroom relatively. It is most compromising and promising luxury material to travel.

Also, this is the best example who is giving certain thought towards the dismiss of conventional cars. Last but not the least, the steering wheel has been placed too closely with dashboard that the absence of telescopic tuning is even more evident.