As the world is already facing a pandemic, in the meantime Chinese and Indian stood up in a border dispute. Recently, Chinese troops attacked the Laddakh border and killed twenty Indian Army personnel including an Army colonel.

This killing has come up with the wave of fuss and frustration because somewhere media is reporting that India would face the same stances that he is doing in Indian Occupied Kashmir. According to a Chinese spokesperson, this attack was the result of crossing the border by Indians two times in a row. And they attacked first to create a dispersion on the border. In relevance to that scenario, the action was needed and that’s exactly what China did.

Now at this point, all favor points in China circle and pointing fingers are on India especially on the government that they couldn’t be able to handle this situation anymore. Their poor administration leads to the killing of their soldiers on the border.

There is been saying that this Laddakh border has become a hell for Indians because they are trapped in this scenario. Chinese are all set for a war but Indians are not because they are not fully prepared and not getting any moral encouragement from their public as well.

 Even though, the Indian media claimed that foreign policies governed by Narendra Modi are totally outraging and are not enough to facilitate out border issues. Because in recent years India was not having good term relationships with Nepal and Bangladesh. Even people over there are protesting too. People are calling India as in “Red Zone”.

If we look outback, we can have an idea that the United States was one of the major supporters of India in any action or reaction. But there comes a U-turn that America is not showing any interest in their issues either it is from border dispute, trending Indo-China war or bad notes relations with other countries. Facing superpower countries as an enemy has made India miserable and low dead.

News and reports are claiming that the Modi government is not able to stand more. They are unable to define the fair policies within the country or foreign as well.

In a general review, creating frustration and dispute over borders is not the thing anymore. Nations are getting stronger and stronger day-by-day. They know how to handle the superpowers even they are not in that category.

Some people called it “Payback by India” for all the cruel acts and brutalities they have shown in the past.

In Pakistan, media is reporting that now we can get a hope it might be a signal for us that we are on a path to get Indian occupied Kashmir back. A senior analyst revealed that India is facing the killing of its troops in Kashmir by Petu Fighters. Petu fighters are working as indigenous freedom fighters in Kashmir. The dead-end is coming to their bases by different nations.

The world is calling it a coming WorldWarIII and to be honest, we are not in this phase right now. Let people fight with coronavirus pandemic first. Hopefully, India will understand that the lives of every individual matter either they are from India or any region of the world.