The world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic and continuously trying to fight against it. Meanwhile, other administrative and structural issues are coming on the screen such as border issues among India and Nepal.

In a recent report from Kathmandu police have passed a statement that “Nepali border guards opened fire Friday after a group of Indians crossed the frontier, killing one man and wounding two.”

After the huge volume of COVID-19 cases and the impacts of this deadly virus on the basis of countries, everything, for now, seems like uncontrollable. After a series of tight nationwide pandemic lockdown in Nepal, a series of incidents have happened recently.

India and Nepal share a border named “Laddakh” and they are having the conflict regarding that. District police chief Ganga Ram Shrestha told AFP that “about 30 Indians crossed about 100 meters into Nepal’s territory following the southern district of Sarlahi and clashed with the police on duty when they were being stopped to enter in.”

Shrestha told that “the guards at first fired into the air when scores of people gathered and hurdled stones and bricks at police and also snatched a gun.”

“The police were forced to fire five rounds to recover the gun, injuring three people. We learnt that one of them died during treatment in India,” Shrestha added.

In an official statement it’s been revealed that three Nepali police persons were also injured, he added. Indian Media revealed a statement that one man was also imprisoned and the talks had been held between both sides on this issue.

The main reason behind the stepping over on this border by Nepal is just because of the increasing incidents in lockdown as this border contains 1,750 kilometers (1,100 miles) traditionally opened.

The opened frontier of this border has created a stance among India and China as well. Its been revealed that China annexes 60 square kilometers of India in Laddakh and it’s creating a tensioned framework among two superpowers of the world.

In the meantime, when the dispute is on peak, Nepal officials presented a map in the parliament of this territory that they uphold this boundary and want it back from India. This environment has created a lot of serious border disputes among the countries. People have been killed on this issues besides how many have been killed or killing by COVID-19 pandemic.

In last month police fired utter rounds to scatter dozens of Indian farmers who were trying to access and cross the border in the western district of Jhapa.

There is a lot of tension is going on after India opened a new road into a disputed zone. Such sort of territorial tensions among nations come over in crude ways and that’s not suitable now when the coronavirus outbreak is reaching at its heights.

The need of the hour is to understand the territorial position and let the world fight with COVID-19 first. Disputes and tensions among nations come up with zero success. What do you think about it?