Mobile Tech industries are playing on the power play and dominating almost every niche. Recently, they have decided to enter the Desktop PC space and has revealed that the Ningmei Soul GI6 desktop gaming PC that comes in three different configurations and starts at only $260. These three configurations come in packing Ryzen R5 2600 CPUs, Solid State Drives (SSDs), and 8GB or more RAM preferences.

If we talk about the design of this tower PC, it contains the transparent cover and antagonistic gamer aesthetics with the Ningmei branding on the forward-facing. The casing has a dual-fan design to provide reliable heat rakishness.

To call these three configurations, it will be called as Share Version, Fun Edition, and Enjoy Edition. All of the respective themes are driven by AMD Ryzen R5 2600 processors.

Let’s explore the Share version who comes with the AMD RX550 4GB GPU that is locked and paired up with the 8GB RAM along with the 180 GB SSD. It can ease the consumers to deliver up to 160 FPS in League of Legends on high profile settings. You may avail of more RAM and storage specifications with different editions.

The Fun edition will contain the same GPU as the Fun edition which has the RX590 8GB GPU instead, the same 8GB RAM, but 256GB SSD. It can run PUBG on high video settings and deliver up to 110 FPS.

Finally, here comes the super exciting edition “The enjoy edition” which contains the RX590 8GB, but starts with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. It would run PUBG with High video display settings and will get you over 110 FPS respectively. Even we can much thankful to Solid State Drives that booting on these computers can be done in just 9 seconds.

The cost of these computers is not that expensive like the Share Version will cost only $260, while the Fun Edition and Enjoy Editions will be priced at $375 and $433 respectively.

Its availability is only in China and hopefully, it will arrive gradually in the international market soon.