Redmi Note 9 series is finally coming next week by the Xiaomi. This announcement was made by the brand on Friday. It was done on their twitter account which exposed that the roster will be launched by an online event on coming the 30th April,2020.

Xiaomi stated that;

“The  legend of #RedmiNoteSeries continues!

Get ready to meet the newest members of #RedmiNote9Series as well as other great Xiaomi products! #NoMiWithoutYou

It wasn’t revealed that which devices will be up in the event, they just mentioned that Redmi Note 9 series is coming up. In several markets Redmi Note 9 pro and Pro Max are selling now-a-days.

Redmi Note 9 Pro is considered as Redmi Note 9S in the global marketplace but there is no Redmi Note 9 Max available in the market till the date, which might change with the upcoming launching of an event on April 30, 2020.

Rumors are going around that Redmi 10X, a kid-range device from Xiaomi-which is almost a carbon copy of the Redmi Note 9. This launching could see along the Redmi Note 9 or it might be the additional variant for some selected markets which Xiaomi does mostly.

Meanwhile, tweet also mocks “other great Xiaomi products”, so we will have an idea to see some other accessories or maybe devices by the Xiaomi. This online launch on April 30, would be the great opportunity to attend an international event while sitting at home.

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