The war between social media applications is running from the years as the technology got advanced globally.

For videos streaming YouTube is the best source and it is accessible to everyone who has smart phone or laptop. Besides that, several entertaining social media applications are outreaching in the market too like Tiktok.

Mostly people used to watch videos while sitting at their place while some make it real by doing some effort in the creation of such content. The people who are making videos on which platform named as that e.g. YouTuber, Blogger, Tiktoker and many more.

Few days ago, a fight has begun between the YouTube and Tiktok. The famous YouTuber Carryminati has pulled down this platform content into a dig. According to him the content and the creation totally makes no sense.

He pointed out some famous tiktokers. He added that the sense of content should be a consequence with deliverable message rather than putting the whole generation into one task which actually means nothing. The age group to every individual matters and personally I’m agreed to this too. So, the content material should be with respect to the suitable age. Meanwhile, the youth is busy with performing such activities who are not relevant as someone could be a kid, engineering, medical, law or an IT student.

It seems like the one who is not aware with the terms and conditions of ongoing social media platforms trends is almost too far behind.

There is no such platform till now that has been promoted the education, the services of students in this sector specially in the field of industry problems by providing solutions respectively.

As this got started, TikTok family came up as a frontline to save and support their platform.

Its famous personality Mr. Faisu came up with a statement that;

“The content of both platform is different along the struggle level. Video editing to its posting needs same struggle as the YouTube platform does.”

In an interview he said that “Roasting could be done but in a manner that the content should not behave like critics. He has been roasted once and it entertained him as well, he added.”

“Roasting should be in limits not as it’s been done now. He has plans to open his own channel in the current month.”

As far it is concerned what it is up to? Is this going for real???? The world is facing the pandemic and what our social media putting on to the minds of public. People are already having real hustle bustle and putting such type of conflicts will clearly effect to the persons who are on social media.

Need of hour is to understand the “Time”, what we are up to now, what type of financial and administration issues we can face due to COVID-19 pandemic rather than this type of silly social media fights.