The use of technology advancement is needed and compulsory in the ongoing trends. Every social media platform tries to make its platform user friendly and secure. Social media platforms prioritize the users’ security and concerns at the top.

YouTube is trying to combat offensive comments that appear under videos by following in the footsteps of other social platforms and asking people before they post something that may be offensive: “Is this something you really want to share?”

YouTube has already banned posting sensitive and fake COVID-19 content on the platform.

YouTube and all the relevant social media platforms must try to produce customer satisfaction results. The company is launching a new product feature that will warn people when they’re going to post a comment that it “may be offensive to others,” in order to give them “the option to reflect before posting,” according to a new blog stake.

The tool won’t actually stop people from posting said comment. Prompts won’t appear before every comment, but it will for ones that YouTube’s system deems offensive, which is based on content that’s been repeatedly reported. Once the prompt does appear, people can post the comment as they originally intended or use additional time to edit the comment.

The company is highly focusing on the right content to be filtered and uploaded. The new filter will seek out inappropriate or hurtful comments that were automatically flagged and held for review, and remove them from the queue so people don’t have to read them.

The new feature will roll out on Android first and in English before appearing elsewhere.

Obviously, YouTube is not worried about the hate comments but these are disgracing their potential subscribers.

Through automatic filtering, the company has removed over 46 times more daily hate speech comments since early 2019 than ever before, according to YouTube. YouTube claims that 1.8 million channels terminated last quarter; more than 54,000 were due to hate speech.

These platforms remake their strategic choices to satisfy their potential customers. In a general opinion it is a good approach to follow.

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